Terror and Shock.

Read this from Jameel, it will give you chills.

My heart breaks into two when I read about this. How long must we live with the world turning its backs on us? We don’t do this, we aren’t like them. Young men, learning, that’s it. They did nothing. We are humans, and they are animals. It’s just that simple.

While young men sit innocently learning bringing light into a very dark world, animals hunt and kill. They seek blood, we seek G-dliness. We seek spirituality and a way to better our fellow man, they seek hatred and murder.

When will the world awake from their slumber? Ad Masai? Our world grows darker every day, I can barely see through it. When will our father in heaven finally asnwer our cries. Aibeshter Behelfen, Deiner Kinder Dahrf Moshiach Shoin!!


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