Things I Like About This NY Mag Story on Lipa

It’s not a very big article but it made me laugh. Here are the reasons.

1) It didn’t give any credit to Hamodia by saying its name. Just an “ultra-Orthodox newspaper.”

2) It doesn’t give any credit to Brenner, as it only refers to the show is “Talkline.”

3) It refers to the Kol Koreh as a “Fatwah.” The most accurate description yet.

4) It mentions the Spice Girls

5) Refers to the Rabanim being misled as “duped”, which also fits like a glove.

6) It refers to the Asher Friedman/Yehuda Levin types as “extremist anti-Schmeltzerites.”

7) It says the story has made a “convert” out of Lipa and in the future he’ll only play “Jewish Music.” (as opposed to what he was singing?)

The only thing I didn’t like? Once again it’s a huge Chillul Hashem, the same as this Gothamist article. I don’t see one single thing this story has done good and far too many serious things bad. I think this deserves a sarcastic patronizing round of a applause.

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