Are Jewish Concerts Dead?

Not at all. In fact. Jewish Music concerts. Aren’t. Going. Anywhere.

As this story has developed it’s become very clear that although these lunatics take issue with not just concerts but all Jewish music, their main target was Lipa. They built Lipa up into this huge personality, which he was, and they thought he had too much power, too much sway with todays Chareidi youngeliet. (people ages 18-35)

This was about knocking Lipa off his perch. This was about the Rabbanim taking back the top spot.

But as far as concerts go, don’t think for a second they are over. What is funny to me is that Lipa was barely a player in the Jewish concert scene to begin with! The only major shows he has done were the HASC videos and that Lipa experience concert a couple years ago. Look at Shwekey he does ten times the amount of shows Lipa did. Avraham Fried does a new show every month. Lipa did maybe 4 in the last 5 years. Lipa was always about weddings, which is why he so easily took the deal. Why risk the 2 or 3 simcha’s he does a week for the 1 or 2 shows he does an entire year. It was just smart business sense.

I’ve been speaking to many people behind the scenes in the music industry and not one person thinks concerts are done. The biggest proof are all the links I provided above. Just wait till Pesach, heck, go look in a Jewish Press and count all the hotels promoting singers coming to their Pesach programs. Lipa might be done and I’m sure they will try to attack more concerts, but this is far from done.


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  1. m d shwekey says:

    yaakov is an amazing performer he has a voice that jewish music never had in a lifetime exp. following him is his younger bro who one day wil succeed as much as his bro did be”h.anyone who denies the fact that y. shwekey is the best in jewish music,needs to know ALOT more about jewish music!!!(or is just a little J!!!!!!)

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