The Jerusalem Post on the Lipa Concert Ban Story

The Jerusalem Post has now weighed in on it as well, how far will this go? What other major newspaper might we see this in??

Two interesting paragraphs:

Rabbis were consulted, and preparations were made to ensure the event was “kosher.” Attendees were guaranteed exclusively separate seating for men and women. And the intermission was nixed to avoid unwanted mingling between the sexes.

But despite these precautions, just weeks before the event, two community leaders who oppose this kind of entertainment, Asher Friedman and Avraham
Shor began circulating a petition to ban the event for “lightheartedness” and “immorality.” In the end 33 rabbis stunned the public with an announcement, published Feb. 20 in the religious daily Hamodia, prohibiting the concert.

… and

But the brouhaha has continued well into its second week. Many are wondering why the prohibition came at such short notice, and who is to be held responsible for the hundreds of thousands of dollars accrued in losses.

Some suggest that the rabbis were dragged into signing the ban by Friedman and Shor, who petitioned them to sign the document without ever contacting the singer or the producers of the show to express their concerns.

“In the end it narrowed down to two people that went and obtained signatures in a very slimy and shady way, two very dangerous people,” said Mendlowtiz, the producer of the show, who has been involved in the haredi music scene for almost 30 years. “If he (Friedman) had a problem with it, he knew about it more than two months ago, he should have called us to discuss it like a mensch, not caused so much chaos and loss of funds.”

Mendlowitz says he is owed roughly $700,000. Initially Friedman offered to pay part of that sum, but under the condition that Mendlowitz sign off concerts forever. “Who’s he to tell me not to do concerts, this is absolutely ridiculous,” said Mendlowtiz. “They want to shut down the Jewish concert business, because they don’t feel it’s the proper place for their followers.”

Crazy stuff folks, crazy.

So this is how “Daas Torah” works? Frankly, I’m embarrassed for Frum people everywhere. This was a complete and utter mess up on the Rabbanims side. Say what you will, send me the angry emails, but they dropped the ball here and allowed themselves to be used as pawns in a war of hatred and anger. It’s nice to be able to say that they were “misled” and/or “deceived” or that even though the methods in which the signatures were attained were shady but the “message” was still important. But no, this is wrong and it’s not how its supposed to be.

Someone needs to answer for this, someone needs to clean this mess up.


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