I'm Done With the Lipa Concert Ban Story – For Now.

Imagine a 10 oz paper cup. Now imagine a full container of juice. Now imagine trying to pour the full container of juice into that one 10 oz paper cup. It’s gonna overflow something terrible, it’s gonna go all over the counter, and become a nasty sticky wet mess. This story is the juice and this blog is the cup. I’m officially a sticky mess. I just don’t want to discuss it anymore.

I’ve got some better stuff to talk about today. If you’re dying for some more blogs takes on the story them read them here, here, here and here. You can also hear and interview with Lipa from last night here. And just because we’re hearing this show has been canceled don’t be surprised if the story is STILL not over – not by a long shot. That’s it, I’m done with this story, for now, which means barring any major dramatic surprises – which as I’m hearing still may come.


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You enjoyed this blog for 5 years, but sadly now the ride is over. We decided to move the archives here for people who want to go back and revisit old posts and for new people to discover the blog for the first time!
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