The Lipa Ban: The Next Stage

There is a lot of chatter right now about what exactly was told to the Rabanim who “signed” the Kol Koreh and it’s not pretty at all.

Let’s start with R’ Dovid Feintstein who I’ve been told only signed it because he heard another big rav signed it. The problem here is that there is a domino effect situation here. It’s like a few big names signed it and then a bunch of others were told “so and so signed it” and didn’t want to go against those names.

It doesn’t end there, it seems at least one big Rav only signed it because he was told that it was mixed seating and that Lipa was getting too wild and “out of control” and needed to be stopped. In fact what I’m hearing is that this ban stand (like the play on words?) was more out of controlling lipa’s “out of control” shows then about shutting down a concert. They used the mix seating lie as “proof” to these Rabanim that Lipa was losing it. Because if Lipa who only did separate seating was now doing mixed it must be a sign of how far he’s gone.

I’ll update you when I hear more, but if this is true, despite that the damage is already done it puts a very scary spin on it. It would also prove that this was more about trying to damage Lipa then about ending Jewish music concerts in America.


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