Chatter, Rumblings & Hock.

So the Lipa story, hmm. Ya, is anyone else getting really tired of this story? I think at this point I just feel sorry for everyone involved. It’s really just needless drama, stress and heartache. You can hear the defeat in Lipa’s voice mail, in Sheya’s interview and it’s just sad.

From what I’m hearing at this point though it’s still not over. They are desperately trying to salvage the show. Shloime Gertner is still on the bill but they need to 1) find another performer or two. 2) they are trying to see if they can either undo the ban (good luck) or find other Rabbanim that say it’s ok (even more good luck!) we’ll see what happens.

At this point though I think we just want to know the conclusion. The whole – it’s banned, it’s not banned, gertner’s out, gertner’s in, lipa’s in, he’s out, his picture is on the website, now it’s down, now its on – well, it’s just getting silly. Wake me up when we know something for sure. The only meat this story has left is what will be in the end. Once we know what will happen in the end, we can determine the effect this will happen on future American music concerts.

I think it’s very funny that the term most being used (at least by me) when referring to people talking about this story is Chatter, which as far as I know is mostly used regarding terrorists. When an intelligence agency gathers information from emails, internet sites, phone taps that’s called chatter. What does that say about this story?

Rumblings is another term used, which also denotes a negative connotation, usually used in a sentence as follows, “There are rumblings that Isiah Thomas will be fired (because he sucks at his job) from the NY Knicks.” Rumblings is also bad.

Hock is no love fest either, when using “Hock” it’s commonly referenced in response to an annoying useless sound. Like the famous expression “Hock a chinek” hit a teapot. Don’t hit my teapot and make useless noise to get my attention. Well, at least thats how I think of it.

But that’s whats been happening, my inbox has never been this full. I’m getting emails from every corner of the J-music world. I’m getting emails from people I never heard of, family members, close friends of people in the industry. This is not to toot my horn, trust me, I’m no name dropper, in fact I’ve yet to really drop one name. My point is this sort of “hock” brings about the most response.

Heck, you don’t have to look further then my stat counter. I’m averaging over 600 hits a day (up from the usual 300 a day, and I had 900 on Sunday and over 1,000 yesterday. People love Chatter, Hock and Rumblings, or as it should really be called, good old fashioned Loshan Hora. But who am I to say anything, I’ve been acting as your waiter at the biggest Loshan Hora banquet of the year.

I guess thats just how it is. Maybe thats the real lesson we should take from this story. Loshan Hora is a terrible thing. From all sides of the coin, pro or anti ban. These types of stories just bring out the worst in humans. Our need from drama, gossip and hock is very sad.

That’s why I keep pinning the Benny Friedman music clip at the top. I hate that this Lipa/Ban story should be the first thing people see when they come to my site. I’d much rather it be the inspirational and soulful musical stylings of my favorite new Jewish singer. I’m serious, it just feels dirty when my site is plastered in this story.

So after all this garbage, if you haven’t yet heard the clip, click here and be touched.


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