Would The Yeshiva World Website Be Banned?

I was just thinking to myself. If you went to the 33 Rabbanim that signed that Hazmana and showed them The Yeshiva World website what would they say? With all the insane comments on that site, and the mere fact that these Hazmanah/Ban loving people are even online in the first place. Isn’t that the biggest Bittul Zman there is? Haven’t most of those Rabanim banned the internet? What would R’ Matisyahu Solomon say?

I can keep telling you how insane it is that The Yeshiva World decided to pull advertisements for a concert that was separate seating, but is still advertising two other concerts that have mixed seating and those weren’t pulled. I could tell you how insane it is that Yeshiva World got all hot to trot over the wig store ban and there were so many pro-wig store ban comments. But then they link to and advertise Milano Collection wigs. Which G-d bless them, I have no problem with, but certainly R’ Ahron Shechter of Chaim Berlin would be beside himself if he saw their website. Yeshiva loving, Torah loving, Daas Torah loving Yeshivish men just one click away from this! Gevalt!

It’s one thing to be across the street, it’s something far worse when you are ON a website and are one click away from it. Especially when the people on that website are violating these Rabbanim’s ban on the internet from the start.

The hypocrisy is insane. This is whats wrong with it all, as I’ve said 100 times, it’s the inconsistency of it all. I really truly believe that if these same trouble makers who bring these things to the attention of the Rabbanim would bring Yeshiva World website to these same Rabanim they would easily and quickly sign a ban/hazmanah against the website.

It’s all about politics and money. People were angry at Lipa over money issues and so they lied to the Rabbanim and got them excited to ban the show. It’s about revenge and money. (Yes I know details but am not writing them here out of respect to my sources.)

We are living in truly dark times.


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