The Big Event Banned? Has Gertner Pulled Out? **Update**


If this is true, and why wouldn’t it be? Then the “Big Event” concert planned by Sheya Mendlowitz in Madison Square Garden, featuring Shloime Gertner and Lipa has been banned. To this I say – Awesome. Let it all come out, this is great, brilliant, genius. Buckle your seatbelt, grab a hold of the arm rests, because we’ve officially landed in crazy town.

There are some pretty big names on that Kol Koreh. R’ Matisyahu Solomon, R’ Ahron Shechter (of the recent wig banning), R Belsky, R Kamenetzky (Philly), and of course a bunch of Bobov and Satmar big wigs.

I have sent out a bunch of emails to sources. So far I have this information. A source thats very close to Shloime Gertner has officially confirmed to me that he has NOT pulled out of this concert. If I find out anymore on this I will let you know. Another source tells me that they think this is a personal attack on Lipa. It seems those same “rebel rousers” that stake out wig stores and decide that they need to be banned, have been behind this. I’m not saying it’s the SAME people from the wig store, I’m saying those same type of people. The same people who spread lies about the concerts in Israel that were banned.

I’m being told it’s about money and internal politics. It’s so sad, what we are coming to, it’s just depressing. And this is in Adar! We’re supposed to be about happiness and joy in this month.

What’s insane to me is that we’ve never had American concerts banned really. Will the Hazzinu concert also be banned? Will next years Hasc and Ohel concerts be banned? Will the almost certain Yeshiva/Miami Boys Choir concerts which will be held over Chol Hamoed also be banned? Those aren’t even separate seating! We aren’t talking about Blue Fringe here, we’re talking about two very conservative, chaseedish singers, performing in front of a separate seating affair.

Someone has said to me that it’s because they are billing it as a “Kosher” event due to the separate seating and thats upset people. Because we all know there is no such a thing as a Kosher Jewish music concert. If that’s really what started this, then according to that logic if they would have have MIXED seating the concert wouldn’t have been banned. Insanity!

As soon as I hear more about this I will let you know.

UPDATE: Here is where it was originally blogged about.

UPDATE II: My inbox has litup with insiders emailing me about this.

The general opinion here seems to be that

1) This may be a fake

2) This is a personal attack against Lipa. Apparently there are a lot of inside politics going on with Lipa and shows. I was asked not to say more then that, but from what I heard there is a group of people looking to hurt Lipa. I was pretty shocked when I heard one persons account of the story.

This type of behavior is the lowest form of personal attack. If these Rabbanim DID sign this letter and it isn’t a photo shopped rehash, then based on what I’m hearing these Rabanim did NOT get the full story. I urge people to ignore this ban unless they want to personally cal up the Rabbanim on this list and confirm that they signed it.

We’re already seeing the negative side effects of our current ban everything world. It’s come to the point that people can spread (allegedly) faked Kol Korehs to try to ruin someones name and profession. Since there are so many *real* bans, people don’t even think twice.


I’ve just been updated that there are meetings going on right now. I’ll let you know when I have more information on this.


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