CD's Aren't Dead Yet!

While I do agree that CD’s aren’t dead, I don’t think this is the most intelligent article.

So why the rush to bury the CD and anoint sub par-sounding MP3s the new kings?

“I think why some people think it’s dead is because they’re looking at the advance in technology and accelerating it,” said Smith, manager at The Exclusive. “You know how everyone thought we’d have flying cars by now and we don’t?”

While he thinks “there are a lot of bitter recording artists who have been screwed over by major labels and are getting some glee from this,” he thinks there are still a lot of music fans out there like himself. People who appreciate a CD in its entirety ā€” with its packaging, artwork and liner notes ā€” rather than just a single downloaded to an iPod because someone heard it on a TV commercial.

“Even if CDs are gone, there will be music fans who download a whole LP and appreciate the whole thing and cherish it,” said Smith, who remembers buying cassettes and coming home to his bedroom to listen to them, even smelling the open plastic case.

“Those smells trigger memories, and you can’t download a smell.”

The smelling of vinyl maybe I could see, but plastic from cassettes? I also didn’t like the comment about “sub par” mp3s. Since when is digital music sub par? I do agree that people still like to hold a physical object (aka cd) and that while big music stores have gone the way of the dodo bird, small neighborhood music shops are still popular.


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