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Todays Hayom Yom

This is from todays Hayom Yom. Rabbis and scholars are called the “eyes of the community” and “heads of the thousands of Israel,” and when the head is healthy, the body is then also healthy. Compiled and arranged by the … Continue reading

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The Jerusalem Post on the Lipa Concert Ban Story

The Jerusalem Post has now weighed in on it as well, how far will this go? What other major newspaper might we see this in?? Two interesting paragraphs: Rabbis were consulted, and preparations were made to ensure the event was … Continue reading

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Finally a Ban I Support 100 Percent!!

This is something I’ve been calling for, for a very long time. Leading rabbis and the Jerusalem Municipality have joined forces in a battle against the widespread habit of smoking in the haredi public, in light of studies indicating that … Continue reading

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Great Interview with Aryeh Kunstler.

Here is a great interview with Aryeh Kunstler in the 5 Towns Jewish Times. I happen to have LOVED his album, and very soon my review will be up. I have his review half written for a while now, I … Continue reading

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Lipa Admits Rabbanim Were Lied To on Zev Brenner's Show

Click here. I’M SHOCKED!!

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Shira Chadasha Boys Choir Music Video

Here is a really beautiful music video from the upcoming Shira Chadasha Boys Choir album. The Shira Chadasha Boys Choir are also featured on Dovid Gabay’s new CD, in the song Zarah. The choirs album also will feature Simcha Levinstein … Continue reading

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The 5 Towns Jewish Times on the Lipa Ban Story

This is from the Letters to the Editors page: This is from Larry Gordon: As long as it’s the topic of the day in many circles, let me comment on the recent cancellation of the Big Event concert that had … Continue reading

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Sheves Achim's CD

Under duress, but none the less, I bought a CD from a new group “Sheves Achim”, two boys, Shimon and Moshe Bell produced by Ari Goldwag and …. I like it. I’m not sure about the album as a whole, … Continue reading

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Dovid Gabay Releases New Album

Let’s get back to talking about some music, shall we? Dovid Gabay’s first CD was a pretty good CD. I didn’t review it because it was before I was reviewing CD’s. I wasn’t in love with it, there were a … Continue reading

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Ban Backlash?

Ya Ya, I know I said I’m done, I’m just linking to Blog In Dm’s great post, please scroll down for tons of links. It seems this story has bled into the general blogosphere and its all over the place … Continue reading

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