The Music of Avraham Fried & Family?

This is a story that popped up on Israeli websites a couple weeks ago. Here is the scoop direct from someone on the inside.

“Avraham fried and every other Friedman in the tri-state area (Benny Friedman and some of the Marcus brothers included) have spent nearly every thursday night of the last three months in Yochi Briskman’s basement studio recording a “Shabbos table like” album of Zayde Friedman ob”m ‘s Shobbos Zemiros (Maoz Tzur and maybe a Pesach song will will be thrown in there for good measure.).

The album is purposely “under produced” to give it that Shabbos table feel. Nothing on that album has not been tried at one Friedman Shabbos table or another. And this is such a family project that Avremel didn’t even do all of the solos himself. His two boys have a lot of airtime and some of the brothers and nephews have solos or duets on the album.

Originally the album was meant to be kept “in the family” but somehow news of the project was leaked to the Jewish Online Magazines and the Fried audience has been begging for access to it.”

Here is a link to the original story in Hebew.


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