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BloginDm Rips Apart Chaim Berlin's Wig Ban

BloginDm always has a calm, rational smart approach to things. Whereas my response is often logical argument mixed with the ripe stench of injustice and the anger it evokes in me that comes through in my posts. Please go over … Continue reading

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Hear Gertner Sing a Short Clip of his song from The 8th Note

(Photo: Shloime Gertner was on Nachum Segal on Monday to talk about the upcoming Lipa/Gertner/Sheya “Big Event” show. While he was talking, towards the end Nachum asked Yossi Tyberg whats coming out and Shloime Gertner started singing a capella, … Continue reading

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It must be true, there is an Obama/Sharpton ’08 picture right here! H T M L (I’d give them the link, but they never give anyone else a link so why bother) Wait, just hold on one minute, I’m … Continue reading

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The Rebbetzin

Today marks 20 years since The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s wife, The Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, passed away. I was very young when it happened, but I remember it very well. “The Rebbetzin passed away on Wednesday, the 22nd of Shevat, 1988, after … Continue reading

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Do You Speak Davenese?

A very clever rant from, via Gruntig.

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In Case you Hadn't Heard ….

Barack Obama, who is running for President of the United States, is NOT a practising Muslim and not a terrorist who is part of some sleeper cell trying to trick us into electing him. I think this whole thing is … Continue reading

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1986 Challenger Anniversary – Let's Take a Minute

I think we should take a minute and remember the tragedy of the Space Shuttle Columbia. This tragedy occurred 22 years ago today. Let’s also take a minute to remember Judith Resnick, a Jewish woman, who died on that day.

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Avraham Fried Singing Carlebach's Ana Hashem

(HT Gruntig)

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Jacob's Photos Make it Big

Check out Jacobs photos, which made it to

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Ban Watch 2008: Rabbi's Wig Out.

Ok, I admit even though I think this is just another ridiculous ban, I wanted to post this for the quippy header. How often can I say Rabbi’s Wig Out?? So here we are, another chance to enforce pointless bans … Continue reading

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