The Additions to HASC 21 Are:

Yesterday I reported that there would be an announcement made today about the HASC lineup at this years show. As readers know this is the show I look forward to every year. It’s one of the main shows I go to. This year they will be having Avraham Fried headlining again. In addition as previously announced, The Yeshiva Boys Choir will be there. Today they announced 3 more performers. Cantor Yitzchok Meir Helfgot, Eitan Katz and Shlomo Katz. My source told me one other name, but that name wasn’t announced today. I’m checking in with my source to find out why not.

I am very happy that Eitan and Shlomo are going to be on the show. I think this will give the show the extra kick it’s been missing. I think this show should be a showcase of all the most recent new and popular talent from all segments of the industry. Shlomo and Eitan are both of those things.

Helfgot had the crowd going wild in his one song appearance at HASC 19, and then left people with their jaws on the floor after last year’s two duets with Avraham Fried. The natural progression would be to him have come in and just let him do a few songs on his own. I think Helfgot is really brilliant and I can’t wait to see him at the show.

I think Eitan and Shlomo had this coming for a while. I think that since Chaim Dovid at HASC 17, the show was missing that genre at the show. (HASC 18’s single Piamenta song doesn’t count.) I just wonder if Eitan and Shlomo will be performing together or seperate and what they will sing at the show. Which songs do you think Eitan and Shlomo should perform? Leave your choices in the comments below.

Bottom line, whether the unannounced artist/group ends up on the show or not, I think it will be a great all around concert. Once again it will be a diverse, well balanced show. A once a year, something for everyone type of night. What do you think?


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