Jewish PR Never Seems to Surprise Me

There is a new singer named Yosef Chaim Bloch (wow, thats a mouthful) and I just love his poster. First off, the tagline is kinda, umm – strange? “Warm Your Heart With His Song.” Shouldn’t that be songs?

Never mind that, the poster is pretty much stock like the rest of them. What I like are the “critics” quotes in the middle that usually adorn movie posters. In those situations though they usually put real critics like “Best Movie of the Year!” – Leonard Maltin. A nationally recognized and respected movie critic. (and a good Jewish boy from Teaneck)

This poster however has in big words “The CD of the Year!” – Mendy Werdyger of Aderet.

Let me get this straight. The owner of the company selling the CD is considered a well respected and nationally recognized music critic? Why on Earth would they put that there. Then as if that isn’t insulting enough to our intelligence, right under it, adorns the labels #1 selling (after *Pruzansky and MBD I assume) recording artist. “Everyone is Gonna Love it!” – Yaacov Shwekey.

You sold me! I’ll take ten! Heck, no, I’ll take 20! The owner of the company selling the CD and his biggest money making artist both told me I have to get it. I’ll even skip the all telling, all revealing inside look in Country Yossi this month! I don’t need to read one more word about this CD. Mendy Werdyger and Yaacov Shwekey say it’s the best new CD, that’s good enough for me!

What’s next? I can see it now, “The Best CD Ever Made! – Mrs. Bloch, Mom.

I know I’m being harsh, but sometimes these posters just make me want the CD even less. As for the music, you can hear a sample at JMB. I don’t review albums from ten minutes of sample material, but so far it doesn’t sound like the best cd of the year. But what do I know, I don’t own a Jewish record label.

*see this months Country Yossi for proof or click here.


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