Wednesday Morning Jewish Music Links and News

Things have been building up in email box. You know what that means, right? A Links post!

First of all “K’Shoshana” stuff. This is a great album, it’s just really smooth. The cats meow, the bees knees. I really will get to a review of it, but for now here are two other peoples reviews.

1) From the always great JM blogger Pyscho Toddler. 2) In Hebrew from Arutz Sheva

Here is a wild video of Y-Love, Idan Raichel & Matisyahu Live at Irving with Shemspeed

I’m not sure if I pointed to this Benny Friedman clip before, but if I didn’t check this out.

The J.E. Magazine has the scoop on Shalsheles 4. I can’t wait, I’ve always loved thier cd’s, so I’m psyched about this one.

Avraham Fried will once again star in the Crown Heights Soul II Soul show. This is one of the best concerts of the year. Fried does this show Lubavitch style Melave Malka, niggunim, stories, and always something exciting new planned.

Jack at Teruah has the scoop on the more modern new releases.

I bought my copies of Aryeh Kunstler and Yitzy Spinner. Two very good, very different sounds. I’ll have to add them to my review pile.

I also (along with visibly every other JM site) received this video of “The Rosenberg Ensamble.”

Don’t forget our two giveaways, both end on Monday.

Enter to win one of 5 copies of . CAN I HAVE A CELL PHONE FOR HANUKKAH? The Essential Scoop on Raising Modern Jewish Kids .

While your emailing, you can also enter to win two tickets to the upcoming Shabbos Chanukah concert feraturing Ohad, Shloime Gertner, Shalsheles Jr & Pruzansky.


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