Aish Hatorah Debuts Thier Own Knock Off of The Cobert Report

Aish Hatorah follows ChabadTube into the world of Jewish parodies of Colbert and Stewart’s shows.

I like that it’s shorter then ChabadTube, but ChabadTube is so much better in quality, both of the jokes and technical quality it’s no contest. Also, the guy is not friendly and I think he’s kinda scary. Why does every Jewish Parody with a frum guy on Aish have to include a shlumpy looking guy yelling stereotypical Jewish jokes. Neither Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert dress like that. Why couldn’t they find some nice, clean cut guy, put him in a expensive Emporio suit and glasses and be more dry.

This guy looks and sounds like Lewis Black‘s angry Frum cousin. Also, why couldn’t they think of a more original, better name. Especially one that wasn’t already taken. (Check that site out, it’s getting better every day!)

That said, the bit about the guy flying off on a Unicorn to visit Atlantis, was funny.


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