The Shluchim.

This Shabbos was beautiful, absolutely perfect. This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. The Weekend The Shluchim are here makes me so happy. First of all I get to see many of my friends who I do not get to see most of the year. Many of the guys I grew up who took it upon themselves to lead this meaningful and important life come back just this one weekend to “get recharged” as they always say.

Sure there are many Shluchim who live close by and in large Jewish community across the U.S., but there are so so many that live in places where the only other frum people they see are their one or two fellow Shluchim. I’ve visited, I’ve spent time there before I was married, it’s hard. It’s not something that a person can imagine or relate to unless they have done it. You hear the term “Mesiras Nefesh” thrown around a lot when talking about Shluchim, but for some Shluchim it’s even more true that for others.

When they come here this one weekend a year to meet with their fellow Shluchim they are also coming here to be “recharged”, reminded of what they are doing this for. For our future as a Jewish world community. To help bring Moshiach, to make the world a good place. There are so many lost Neshama’s, and they ache to return. I’ve seen it myself so many times.In some ways I was/am one of those Neshama’s. Sometimes all The Shluchim must do is provide a place for the return. The soul aches for it so much that it leads them straight to these Chabad houses.

The Pinetele Yid is strong. The fire that burns within all of us, regardless of our spiritual level is always burning. It leads us and for me personally, I am inspired and encouraged to continue on my own internal spiritual struggles when I see The Shluchim. It’s because of this that I think that maybe it’s not THEM who are being recharged by this weekend but us. We in the communities, doing our day to day thing. We live our lives in places where it’s so easy to be Frum, all we have to do is awake each day.

I’m inspired by the awesome work that these men and women do every single day throughout the globe. They do this work in an increasingly spiritually downhill world. I commend them, and I offer them my thanks. Thanks for coming here this weekend and spending your valuable time with US. Thank you for coming here and reminding US of what it is like to have to struggle to be frum. Thank you for reminding us of what The Rebbe wanted from all us and the mission we each have.


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