Democrats Are Afraid of Stephen Colbert! Deny His Candidacy.

Oh come on, it’s funny. I think it’s very funny. What is amazing is the support this guy has been getting. This country is so backwards I think if Britney Spears ran on a ticket with Jon Stewart they’d win 90 percent of the country. People only care about celebrity, gossip and TV shows, I’m a die hard political junky and even I’ve been bored to tears over the 10 debates a week 2 years in advance race for the white house.

What’s funny is that the Democrats are the ones denying his right to run for office. What happened to disenfranchisement? What happened to each vote should count? They will let illegal aliens and convicted felons vote, but they won’t let Stephen Colbert run for office? I think there are some Democrats that need to lighten up a bit. Heck, Republicans love electing TV/Move stars 🙂

One thing is certain, I may not tune into any of the debates until after the nominees are selected. But I’ll be watching The Colbert Report.


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