Will iTunes Replace Your Lost or Damaged Purchased Songs?

This morning I posted about someone who had lost or damaged 30 of his CD’s and asked people to email him mp3’s so he could have them replaced. I personally disagree with this and think it’s wrong. BloginDm this morning disagreed with me. So far most of the other people who have responded seem to agree with what I am saying. In the comment section, at the message board and through email from a couple music insiders who frequently email me.

One insider e-mailed me that Apple will not replace your missing or damaged MP3 files. If the logic is that since you paid for it once you can get it back forever, even if you don’t have it anymore, then why does Apple not replace any music you ever bought from them?

I researched it and it seems that Apple’s “official” policy is not to replace it but they will do it as a one time thing. Most posters and commenters claim that if you “ask nicely” and get a friendly costumer support representative on the phone they will do it “just this once.” But blogs and message board on the internet are filled with individual stories varying from “apple let me do this 3 times” to “apple wouldn’t even let me do it once and told me tough luck.”

Making matters even more complicated is the introduction of Apple’s Itunes Plus which allows you to “upgrade” the songs you have bought in the past. Itunes Plus is the DRM version of Itunes. So apparently, even if you don’t have the pre-purchased song in your library it will re download the upgraded DRM free version for an additional 30 cents (Itunes plus cost 30 cents more a song)

This is just goes to show that Apple has no actual uniformed response to this question either. Unofficially they seem to agree with what I’m saying, but if you ask nicely they might do it anyway.

Incidentally, Lifehacker has a great article on Downloads Vs. Hard CD’s. A great read.

As far as BloginDm’s post, I will respond to those a little later, as I’m pressed for time right now. I can see where he is coming from, but I don’t think it’s a simple black and white matter. As you can tell from Apples approach, even they don’t know forsure.


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