Otherwise, your actions will be your own sword upon which you will fall.

Miriam Shear writes about what happened to her, the riots that preceded her beating and last weeks new bus beating. It’s at Rabbi Horowitz.com. Here are some quotes.

It never crossed my mind that I would be inviting a beating by refusing to move to the back of the bus. The most I expected were some heated verbal exchanges. I honestly did not believe that frum men would beat up on a woman on a public NON-Mehadrin bus over the seating arrangement.

The beating was bad enough. The fact that nobody came to my assistance during this melee was just as shameful. Equally disdainful were those who voiced support for those engaged in the assault.

and …

I stood at Kikar Shabbat one evening and watched boys as young as 8 and 9 running through the streets setting anything within their reach on fire. A white van made the big mistake of traveling through Kikar Shabbat. The van was pelted with objects. When the driver stopped and got out of his van, it was overturned and torched. Nobody even knew if this driver was “for” or “against” the very thing the rioters were rioting about! I asked one of the boys – about age 10 – “do you know why you’re doing this?” His answer: “Because it’s fun!”

and …

To those who beat up this Beit Shemesh woman last week or the ones who assaulted me last November, or who engage in any kind of violence: The chumras you take upon yourself should not be used to dominate and control others. It would be better for you to forgo your chumras and correct that which is within. Otherwise, your actions will be your own sword upon which you will fall.

As for all charedi Jews worldwide; it is high time that we collectively say in a loud and clear voice, “Enough is Enough!”

It’s an amazing read and I encourage every single Shomer Torah U’Mitzvos to read it.

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