Monday Morning Links

If you missed this story yesterday about the 5 Chareidi guys who beat up a woman (and an Israeli soldier) for not moving “to the back of the bus”, please read it. Change only comes through knowledge.

IsraelBeat has an interview with one of the Shemspeed promoters. Check it out here.

Vos Iz Neias has the story about the Frum man who was threatened with being kicked off a US Airways flight for having stinky (kosher) food. At first I was upset, but after reading the comments and thinking it over I wonder if it really was just a case of stinky fish and maybe a little more common sense would have averted such a problem. (Video here)

Here is a story about Rabbi Levi Cunin of Chabad of Malibu removing the Seifrei Tora from the Shul which is in the area of the fires sweeping through the area.

ASimpleJew has a post about Hashgacha Pratis.

The NY Times writes a love letter to Matt Drudge.

Gruntig has the story on the NFL Rabbi. Good read.

Speaking of sports, condolences to Ezzie for his Indians losing to Boston last night. Boston will now make the Yankees season ending collapse and losing Joe Torre even worse by playing in the World Series (and probably winning.)


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