ChabadTube Host Gets Write Up in Jerusalem Post

The show, currently in production for its third season, is an assortment of news – both real and fake, Jewish and not – from Crown Heights, the US and Israel, with a dollop of satire mixed in. One episode featured a tour of the new mikve (ritual bath) under construction in Crown Heights, in which Pellin kicks back in the empty pool with a six-pack of Budweiser beer.

The Budweiser stunt ruffled a few feathers among the top Crown Heights brass, and his supermodel skit was likewise not received well by many in the community.

“I got tons of flak. Hundreds of people wrote in, asking me how I could do such a thing. Some people didn’t understand the whole concept of modeling, they said, you should have had a sefer [holy book] open, you should have been learning. Something to represent us accurately.”

But ChabadTube, like any fake news show, isn’t about accuracy, it was created with the aim of making people like him more personable to the outside world.

“Everyone stereotypes the Hassid as a smelly, sweaty, generously-sized individual who tucks his shirt into his underwear, with lots of dandruff and yellow teeth,” Pellin said in an interview at Crown Heights Bunch O Bagels. “I wanted to give a human face to the Hassid, and show something other than the smelly part.”

I think it’s a good article and overall I think Mendy is doing a great job. Sure he can be a little “out there” sometimes, but thats what makes it great. I can’t wait to see what comes next. I think he is a very talented and creative person.


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