Imus is Back – Major Deal with WABC.

So what did we learn from this boys and girls? We learned that when you try to BAN something or make something you don’t like just GO AWAY (read-get fired) it doesn’t accomplish anything in the long run. I think this is an important lesson for people to learn. From frum religious fanatics who want to ban everything bad they don’t like to the PC police to the fanatical politicos.

You have to EDUCATE people on why whatever you don’t like is bad. If you don’t try to teach people why its wrong, or why a person is wrong, then no one learns anything. Not only did Imus make off like a bandit, with millions of dollars from CBS in that settlement, he will probably sign a HUGE deal with millions more and is now on the nations highest rated Am talk station. Because instead of going after what he said, they went after him personally.

When will people understand. Keep banning everything, keep trying to get whoever you hate fired. It won’t help, one day the thing you banned, will still exist, and the person your trying to get fired, might get fired, but if people don’t understand why he was wrong, he’ll just be rehired somewhere else.

Specific terms of the deal will not be released, but the host, who was fired after making disparaging comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, has inked a seven-figure, multiyear contract with WABC parent company, CITADEL BROADCASTING.

The stunning comeback is a defeat for those who protested and picketed Imus earlier this year.

Imus is said to be particularly incensed by Senator Hillary Clinton’s “shameless exploitation” of the Rutgers situation.

The senator, who Imus has called “satan” and the “devil”, traveled to Rutgers in April to praise the women’s basketball team for its response to the controversy. In a campaign email, Hillary called Imus’s comments “small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism.”

“Hillary, prepare to meet your maker!” a source close to the host joked early Monday.

Station executives are still tinkering with the new schedule at WABC, which will likely see current morning jock Curtis Sliwa paired with late morning’s John Gambling.

Details Here.


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