Friday Morning Political News Bits

Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize
So finally Al Gore is recognized for inventing the internet!
Good for him. I mean, it’s not like they just give this award out to any one!

Schools to Parents: Note – Your Kid is Fat!
Another example of liberals “helping” you. If your kid is that overweight, the parent knows. The school has no business embarrassing both the kids and the parents. It’s not the schools place. They suck at teaching as it is, America’s schools stink, why don’t they worry about education. If they really want to help, get rid of all soda and junk food machines from school grounds.

Swastika found in Columbia Universities bathroom.
School President promises to find culprit – then invite him to speak on campus.

Hillary willing to negotiate with Iran.
Hillary was for negotiating “with no conditions” before she was against it.

The Ann Coulter “controversy.”
Big deal, so what? This is just another case of the left taking anything and trying to distract voters from seeing they have nothing better to offer. All Ann said was something we all know all Christians have believed for more then 2,000 years. At least she is honest about it. I heard an interview with Ann Coulter yesterday. Yes she is a hot head and yes she can be annoying, but who cares. She is still smarter then 95 percent of the lefty politicos.


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