Samurai Mohel's Coverage of the Jewish Press Blog Story

…. with this posting I will (probably) close the door on this joke of a story. I almost can’t even believe it was a story. I think all organizations and companies can take a lesson from how the Jewish Press handled this disaster and just do the complete opposite. Some people think so highly of themselves that they really believe they can just defend or explain away something unpleasant.

It was a really bad post, with lots of sinas chinam and anger. It was very obvious Mr. Resnick has already existing deep seeded issues with Chassidim. This entire thing was extremely unprofessional of the Jewish Press and it left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. Maybe “the nations largest Jewish newspaper” should have a more responsible and professional system in place. Maybe newspapers have no business blogging. They obviously don’t know what they are doing.

I just wanted to point to a (new to me) blog that has also been covering the Jewish Press Chassidim bashing post. Aside from loving the name of the blog, he has been doing an amazing job and the posts are really great.

Some Lessons for the Jewish Press on Blogging

The Jewish Press Blog Tries to Play Cover Up for Elliot Resnick

Jewish Press/ Resnick: I Hate Stupid Haredi/Chassidish Bashing

Please take the time to read them, and I hope we can move onto other things. I think as of tomorrow everyone will go back to forgetting the Jewish Press even has a blog.


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