Jewish Press Blogger Slams Chassidim – Misses the Point

In a story that Voz Iz Neias and Yeshiva World have already picked up on, I don’t have much to add other then to alert more people to it. You can read my actual comment on the post at the center of the issue. On second thought, I do have a few more things to say.

The Jewish Press needs to act responsibly, I’m glad an old media Jewish outlet has discovered the cool new toy known as blogging. But remember what is written there (sidebar disclaimer aside) does reflect on the paper and tarnishes its name and reputation.

While you may encounter Chassidim who aren’t honest, I challenge you to find any group, race, creed or religious group as a whole that is perfect and never does anything wrong. I have dealt with many Chassidim and I’ve come across some real slime balls, but at the same time I’ve met some wonderful people who have been kind, honest and good. People are bad, not groups.

Mr. Resnick does not sound professional or respectful. He sounds like he has an axe to grind and just doesn’t like Chassidim. It’s borderline anti-semitic and reminds me of another anti semitic article which invokes shaking hands with women.

What’s worse is that he has allowed his biased and over generalized post to eclipse an issue that is important, if it had been addressed correctly. What should have been the focus of his post should be ALL religious Jews who are not honest, in business or in life. If you are religious then you must be held to a higher standard, and when you are dishonest you besmirch everything you stand for.

Instead Mr. Resnick comes off sounding like a rude, insensitive, self riotous jerk.

Perhaps worse of all is the fact the comments aren’t moderated and something like this is allowed to stay there for over ten days.

Anonymous said…
I agree, chasidim are the worst

The only thing that gives me comfort is that no one must really read the Jewish Press blog because this hot topic, controversial posting, was actually posted TEN DAYS AGO and is only now making the rounds.

I urge everyone to go to there and leave a comment.

You can also call the Jewish Press and make a complaint –
Local NY 718.330.1100 Out of state: 1.800.992.1600


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