Miami Boys Choir Canceled. Yeshiva World Commenters Respond Happily.

Let’s start at the beginning. In almost 30+ years I personally don’t recall a Miami Boys Chol Hamoed concert of this size being canceled. Allegedly they only sold 900 tickets, at a venue that has in the past held more then 15,000 people. That’s the rumor on Yeshiva World. (do you get the irony that the rumors are coming from a site called “Yeshiva” world. What happened to no Loshon Hora? Shmiras Haloshan?)

I wonder if Yerachmiel Begun would ever want to advertise on that site after the he sees the things they are writing there. Here’s a sample.

anyone ever wonder if the choir kids themselves would be better off not singing in a choir and devoting themselves to learning and growing in their studies?


#9, whats wrong with a simchas beis hashoevah? There is plenty of music and its a lot more spiritual than watching a bunch of kids who think they are g-ds gift to humanity dancing around like fools and trying desperately to get attention from the throngs of girls who idolizes them .

I wonder if other music artists are happy to advertise on a site thats commenters are holding the torches and pitchforks coming after Jewish concerts. If the bans would actually come to America the Jewish music market would self destruct. Concerts are where these artists make money.

I have to wonder what advertisers in general have to think about the comments they read there. I’d be upset to think that people only care about dollars and hits. But I guess I wouldn’t be shocked. What a waste.

So the feeling I’m getting from talking to various people today is the same that BlogInDm posted towards. More people went to the Yeshiva Boys Choir event (and probably the Reis Circus event) then were planning on going to the Miami Boys Choir event.

This has to be a huge thing, how often does a concert and an event (the MAIN) event get canceled like this. But getting back to Yeshiva World. Wow. The comments over there just floor me. I can’t believe people are writing those things.

“Maybe the “technical difficulties” happened during Kohles this past Shabbos. Maybe someone had second thoughts about this concert when they heard the passuk: “Tov LiShmoah Ga’aras Chochom MeIsh Shomeh Shir Kesilim”!

Better go to some of the wonderful shiurim offered by Irgun Shiurei HaTorah then going to any of these “Shir Kesilim”. Comment by gemorakop

Thankfully there are some sane people left commenting also.

“to those that are knocking any concert your no better being that the same rabbonim said you shouldn’t be on the internet (especially on chol hamoed ripping others), aside from that the cancelation had something to do with Nassau Coliseum not mbc but in any event continue your yom tov experience on the kodoish internet
Comment by izzy80 — October 1, 2007 @ 4:49 pm

Here’s another one from gemorakop.

Who ever said that kids are not entitled to fun? (I was using the passuk in Koheles to refer to concerts in general. I did not mean to suggest that kids should spend all day at a shiur. Most concert goers are not kids.)

The problem is that our idea of fun is to “Kashergoyishe forms of entertainment (i.e. concerts). The entire concept of sitting in a seat and being “entertained” is not a jewish one.

What is wrong with going to the zoo or a museum? Just because it is not “Jewish” doesn’t make it less Kosher. On the contrary, if you ask anybody with Daas Torah they will tell you it is much better to go to the zoo than a concert.

Ok. So I guess I’m officially banned from commenting on Yeshiva World. So I’ll just TELL you what I said. Since I guess I’m not considered Yeshiva World material.

What is wrong with people??? Did the Leviem not sing in the Beis Hamikdash??? Am I living in bizzaro world?? Concerts is a goyish thing????? Am I in a coma? Somebody pinch me.

We SIT in a SHUL and pay HUGE GOBS OF MONEY to hear Chazanim sing beautiful melodies of davening. That is a concert. People are taking things to an extreme extreme. You want to tell 5 year old and ten year old kids to go to a shiur instead of hearing Uncle Moishy or Miami Boys Choir??

Is something in the water?

… and just to add, which is more “goyish” a zoo filled with animals or a concert where kids from frum families are singing Jewish songs, originally composed put to the tune of tehilim and other tefilos.

Hmm … Did the Leveim go to the zoo or sing in the beis hamikdash. These are people that are very concerned with Bittul Torah and Tznius. Last time I went to the central park zoo I didn’t see any separate seating … or even “family” seating. The same thing for any NYC Museum. Not exactly kosher if you are worried about the way people around you dress or act or talk.

You have to wonder what kind of people are commenting over there. Sometimes I really think it’s just a bunch of guys in on an inside joke. Purposely writing extremist comments all the while secretly laughing it up while watching DVD’s and listening to 92.3 K-Rock. .


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