The Only Thing Worse Then Not Giving Credit

I wrote last week about giving credit to other blogs when you post something they wrote or uploaded. Today I just want to say that the only thing even less polite (in the world of online blog etiquette) is to take the thing the other person wrote or uploaded, copy it, re-upload it and claim it as your own.

I know some may think I’m just being childish, but if I don’t say something then how will other people know it’s wrong. It wasn’t mine to begin with, although I did manually record each of those videos, cut them and upload them. I also added links to the telethon website and credited the singers. I even added a credit to one of the musicians who emailed me asking for a link to his site.

It’s just a matter of being an online mentsch. If you are going to post something someone else created or brought online first, just throw them a link or a credit. Thats how it works online, it’s not the law, it’s just mentschlish.


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