The Day After

It’s not really a 3-day yom tov. We’re all calling it that, but it’s not. A 3-day yom tov would be next week on Succos, because days 1 and 2 are Succos and day 3, while still Shabbos, is also PART of Succos. Whereas Rosh Hashana is only two days, when it was over, Shabbos was a plain ol, regular sized Shabbos. But on day 3 at hour 19 does that really matter?

Rosh Hashana was good, I got a lot of solid Davening in, and my kids are still coming down off the sugar and nosh highs. I think we put honey on our honey this chag. Especially on day 3, my wife just started becoming like this honey villain from a bad comic book. Everything had honey on it, I feel like I was turning into a honeycomb.

As with every year I just can’t see people eating pomegranates during the regular year. I mean this is a fruit that Hashem literally created for Rosh Hashana. The juice aside, (I hope people remembered that if they drank pom juice then the pomegranate wouldn’t be a new fruit) but it’s just such a weird fruit. Is it true some people eat the seeds as they are?

So what do we have next? A 1 day Yom Tov. Yom Kippur on Shabbos, that’s supposed to be really special right? I thought that when Yom KIppur falls out on Shabbos it’s as if it takes over Shabbos. Like there is no Shabbos that week, such is the power of Yom Kippur. But then I was reading that when you light the candles for Yom Kippur (when it’s on Shabbos) you say Lehadlik Ner Shel Shabbos V’Yom Hakippurim. So Shabbos is still also Shabbos?

One last thing, I’d like to invite the entire J-blog universe over for lunch on Yom Kippur. It’s going to be an all you can eat buffet. lol. (Cheesy? Yes. Still funny year after year? Yes.)

How was your 3-Day Yom Tov?


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