Final Chabad Telethon Funds Raised & Mini Review

Chabad of California raised $7.1 Million dollars last night on the Chabad Telethon broadcast nationally and online at Mazel Tov. What a great show. You can read my live blogging recap of the last few hours here.

I think this was the best telethon in a very long time. The music was top notch, and it just flowed. They had so many acts and groups. Everyone also got a lot of time, except 8th Day. 8th Day only got one song, but they have had a lot of airtime in past years.

MBD had at least 3 songs. He sang Moshiach and he sang Anachnu Maminim and at the end sang Someday. Avraham Fried sang Kol Nidrei and a great Avinu Malkeinu, I missed what he sang earlier, but he had one before also. Avremel also finished the night with a stunning Yehi Ratzon and Sheyebaneh Beis Hamikdash.

As far as I could tell Shloime Gertner only had one song also. Which I don’t understand, if they really did fly him in from England, that was one expensive Shmeichel. Maybe he had other weddings or shows in L.A. that weekend.

Gad Elbaz was amazing, he sang his new single Yeladim and another slow song. He also sang a fast middle eastern style song called Halailah Hazman. The Shira Choir was excellent, as they always are, I’d love for them to put out a CD.

There were so many amazing stories or happy people who were helped by Chabad of California. They are really doing so much great work there. Sadly California is a bit more spiritually dark and it lends itself to people needed much more help. They do a lot of drug rehab and counseling, and the non religious in California tend to be even more assimilated because of the heavy pop culture Hollywood laid back lifestyle. (If someone thinks I’m wrong there let me know.)

I’m gonna post the video clips separately. I have one or two more to upload, and I didn’t do the best job capturing everything. But I did get a lot of good stuff. What a great show, for a great cause and I congratulate all the wonderful Chabad Shluchim in California. I hope this money helps them to keep doing the Rebbe’s work and bringing unlimited light into the world.

You can watch all my videos here. I’ll post them on the blog soon.


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