Semi-Live Blogging of the Chabad Telethon

I’m watching the Chabad telethon now. I forgot it was on so I tuned in very late.

I’m recording some of it online so I will have a few musical videos to upload soon.

Watch it live here. Donate at or by calling 1-800-242-2239

So far ….

MBD sang Moshiach.
Shloime Gertner sang Shmeichel.
Avraham Fried sang My Zayde.
Gad Elbaz sang his new single Yeladim.

9:19 Jon Voight is on. (Angelina Jolie’s tatte)

9:22 A nice segment on the Chabad Residential Treatment Center.

9:24 Councilman Jack Weiss (who helped when there was a shooting by the Chabad in L.A. a little while ago.)

9:27 Pledge count – $1.81 Million raised so far.

9:30 Howie Mandel talking about the “Dancing Rabbi’s” and why they are so happy.

9:34 Jewish food humor. Nothing says funny like Gefilte Fish and Cholent jokes.

9:40 Segment on Chabad Friendship Circle. I personally know a family that has very close to ties to one of these centers. It’s a center that helps kids with special needs. You can’t imagine the good they do. For this program alone I’d donate as much as I could. Please take a moment to read about it.

9:45 Ethan Bortnick, 6 year old Piano prodigy. It’s amazing. I’m not recording it though because you can find it all over youtube. He’s also been on Leno and Good Morning America.

9:50 Jewish internet humor …. EmesNBC, JapQuest, Koogle. Ya, not exactly Seinfeld.

9:52 Leslie Grossman (Popular, What I Like About You, this year on NipTuck) is now on the telethon. I did NOT know she was Jewish, but I never knew her name, so why would I.

10:00 Yeshiva Boys Choir doing a very fast Carlebach medley. Look at Yossi N dancing. You go Yossi. (video coming soon)

10:05 Someone who has been involved since the first year of the telethon just donated $36,000.

10:08 Pledge count with a local Assemblyman. $2.48 Million. Wow.

10:10 Jackie Mason is now on! He just plugged his video blog. lol. Who knew he’d be so web savvy.

10:15 Rabbi Cunin just asked for a Refuah Sheleimah for Ruchama Aliza Sarah Chana who I wrote about earlier today.

10:17 Gad Elbaz is singing, but I missed the name of the song. It’s a fast song. (Is it called Haleilah Hazah Hazman?)

10:22 A guy who writes jokes on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno doing jokes.

10:33 I walked away for ten minutes and I have no idea who this is. I think I may be fading out here soon.

10:36 Bill Handel from KFI Radio is on.

10:38 The Mayor of L.A. is now on.

10:41 The Mayor does the pledge update. It’s $3.44 Million Dollars

10: 42 Craig Ferguson from CBS’s Late Late show.

10:44 Josh Melena from The West Wing, SportsNight, and soon NBC’s Big Shots has been answering phones at the pledge bank.

10:51 Avraham Fried with an adult choir singing Kol Nidrei. (Wow, which shul is he davening at this year, I wanna be there!) (video coming soon)

10:55 Now they are doing Avinu Malkeinu

11:03 Rebbetzin Cunin promote candle lighting, go to

11:06 MBD singing Anachnu Maminim Benei Maminim. (video coming soon)

11:11 Kevin Bright (Friends Producer) with Levin Cunin. Beautiful piece, visiting Kevin’s father in the hospital before he passed away. Singing Bei Mir Bistu Shein.

11:17 Kevin Bright just donated 108,000 towards a new shul in Malibu. Wow.

11:18 New pledge update. $4.4 Million dollars.

11:20 Regis Philbin!! Asking for the Dancin’ Rabbi’s.

11:25 Don Stark from That 70’s Show is on the telethon.

11:34 Gad Elbaz singing again. Playing the piano.Really nice song.

11:43 The Mayor of Beverly Hills is on now. A Jewish Yid from Iran. He has an amazing story.

11:45 One more pledge update before I call it quits tonight – $5.14 Million Dollars.

I think I’m done for the night.

I’ll have a lot of video in the morning. Or go here for all the videos on youtube.


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