CH Shomrim Catch Notorious Car Burglar Red Handed!

This is a great story.

He went all the way down to Nostrand Avenue then doubled back up New York Avenue then back around to Union Street. The car he hit was on Union Street between Brooklyn and Kingston, he first passed the vehicle, then passed it again and sat down on a stoop right next to the car and waited for the coast to clear.

Two Shomrim members maintained a clear view of him and he finally made his move. Even though the late (or early) hour close to ten members surrounded Nelson and called Police, who arrived on scene within moments and thanks to great cooperation he was placed under arrest.

The witnesses to the incident then went down to the Precinct to give testimony and fill in all the information, were asked by police if there was any way to get the owner of the vehicle to come down at testify as well, which Shomrim did, tracking down the owner who was extremely cooperative and helped seal the matter.

This guy is so famous most residents know his name by heart. He get caught, then gets released and goes right back at it. Gets caught, released and the cycle goes on and on. This time Shomrim caught him red handed. Maybe he’ll stay locked up a little while longer this time.


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