What Should I Do?

Sometimes I write very long rants about things and then decide not to post them. I’ve got a very harsh post how the government, both Republican and Democratic treats the Iraq war and helped screw it up together equally because the country is so messed up politically.

I’ve also twice written posts that touch on racially sensitive topics and I’m afraid to post them. Not because I think they are insensitive, but because I am afraid maybe that someone might take away the wrong idea or not understand my point. I can blame that on bad writing, but I don’t want people to be disappointed or think the wrong thing.

I do consider myself pretty progressive when it comes to race, and I’m always very open minded and polite and try to be respectful. So I don’t want anyone taking something the wrong way from what I write.

Long story short. I wrote a very long piece on the over diversification of today’s kids television shows.

Should I post it?


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