Rosh Hashana is Coming. What's Your Status?

For all of those people who don’t think about it till its late. Now is the time to start. Rosh Hashana is less then 2 weeks away. The “holiday season” is upon us. If ever there was a time to start thinking about it, it’s now. Rosh Hashana is a time which brings introspection and lots of chances to think on the past and work on the future.

Far too often people in the frum community treat these things as just “that time of the year”, they buy what they need to buy, get the boys new suits and the girls new dresses. The women buy new shabbos robes, only they call them “yom tov robes” and the men buy new white shirts. The feasts are mapped out and menued. The guests invited and confirmed. But is that it? Is that what Rosh Hashana is about? Is that what Tishrei is about? Did you buy your succah yet? What kind is it? Where are you gonna get your esrog, how much was it? Are you getting an actual rams head or a fish’s head or do you do something else. Which new trendy health food store did you buy your new fruits at. Did you get your seats at shul? Who did you get stuck sitting next to this year? It all can seem so typical, so repetitive, so expected.

How do we keep it from becoming that every year? As usual I don’t have the answers, just the questions. I personally am going to try to spend as much time really thinking about my family, my path, my life, my decisions over the past year and what I hope to change and accomplish next year. Life is so short and so precious and I want every moment to count. Hashem gives us this wonderful gift called life and every year he gives us the chance to reevaluate where we have taken that life and what we have done with it. After all the kol korehs and all the gossip and all the shtus, beneath it all its just us and Him. Only Hashem knows whats truly in our hearts and where our intentions lay. Only Hashem knows if we meant it and what we’re really thinking. When we all live in such confined hive like communities, we tend to lose sight of the one on one that Hashem has with us.

It’s not about the shul shmoozes, the guys at the shiur, the friends over for lunch or the other parents at your kids school. We worry more about what THEY think and what THEY will say if we don’t keep up with them or have the nicest new car or the hottest new thing everyone else has. Are we more worried that people in the community see you don’t have a filter on the water or that G-d might see it.

Here’s to a year of us and Him. Maybe its time to get back to some basics. Focus more on our individual connections with Hashem and less with what the hive is worrying about this month.


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