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Ten Yad Chinese Auction

Make sure to check out this years Ten Yad Chinese Auction. Ten Yad has been doing this for many years, all the way back when this was still considered an original idea. Throughout the years they have always had the … Continue reading

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Ohad and Benny Friedman – Mi Yitain

Benny Friedman will be singing live tonight at the Crown Heights Simchas Beis Hashuaivah. (HT Shmuel F)

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Angry Attacks, Violence and Horrible Sinas Chinam Displayed by Frum Protesters at the Simchas Beis Hashuavah.

What is happening in Israel? What? What dark path are these people leading down? A few streets over the extremists organized an anti-protest gathering full of hate. It was a very small group but made a lot of noise and … Continue reading

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I've Been Twitter'd

Only the biggest nerds on the net join Twitter …. and I guess I’m one of them. Basically the reason I joined Twitter is the original reason I started blogging. I want to have a place to write my two … Continue reading

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Are People Over Reacting to the L.A. Yom Kippur Incident?

I’ve been reading the comments section at YW and I think for the most part people are over reacting. Thankfully, there are commenter’s both here and there that understand this isn’t anything more then what it was. An overzealous and … Continue reading

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Some Nice Jewish Music Videos

It’s What I Believe – Abie Rotenberg MBD – B’Rosh Hashana (The nice slow one, not the garbage techno one) Habeit – Abie Rotenberg & Shlomo Simcha

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(via BlogInDm)

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