CBS Bans Questions to Anti-Semitic House Guest As Possible Eviction Draws Near

You remember those Anti-Semitic remarks Amber Siyavus made on this season’s Big Brother?

Well this week Amber is one of the two house guests who may possibly be evicted from the house. Traditionally the last half of the contestants to be kicked out go to what is called a “Jury House.” They stay at an undisclosed location in sequester until the game is down to the final two and then whoever is on the jury votes between the final two for the winner.

CBS has warned all members of the press that when the evicted house guest is made available for questions “those remarks” are off limits.

Many bloggers who have had that access in the past are now declining to conduct the interview in protest and now the AP has also decided to sit out the interview.

If Siyavus, who’s nominated for eviction this week, is booted from the house, she won’t have to answer to the media about her comments. That’s because the reporters granted access to houseguests-turned-jury members have been told by CBS they must agree not to ask Siyavus or Cameron about the controversial remarks.

Traditionally, reporters interviewing the six sequestered evictees who will make up the show’s jury and decide the $500,000 grand-prize winner usually agree to only ask houseguests about conversations that they were physically present for in the house.

So why is asking Siyavus about her own comments off limits?

“Big Brother 8” executive producer Allison Grodner declined to be interviewed by The Associated Press. A CBS spokeswoman said asking Siyavus or Cameron about the comments could influence the jury voters and affect the integrity of the game.

“If we’re going to interview them, we should we able to ask the questions that are on viewers’ minds,” says Dehnart. “We shouldn’t just agree to participate in the production of the show and protect the participants from whatever information the producers don’t want us to hear.”

The AP will decline to interview Siyavus and Cameron.

Kudos to the AP and any blogger or journalist who decides not to conduct the interview. If anyone who is reading this is a site that usually has access send a message to CBS by saying NO! to Anti-Semitism.


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