The Rebbe's Response to Tragedy

One guess. It wasn’t bans.

Pledge for Toby is a website created by the friends of Toby Eagle. Toby passed away in a horrible car accident a couple weeks ago. She was coming home for spending Shabbos by a Chabad house with a couple other friends when she got into an accident that ended her life. Another person who was in the car was a 15 year old girl who is still in critical condition. Toby’s friends have created a campaign in response to this tragic story called Pledge for Toby.

In 1974, in response to a tragic accident in Eretz Yisroel the Lubavitcher Rebbe cried a lot and declared that we are in a war against Golus (exile) and it is therefore our duty to counter attack the many horrible incidents with extreme positive action. The next day the bochurim rented trucks, plastered them with signs and drove them through Manhattan encouraging others to do Mitzvos. The trucks were nicknamed “tanks” and the Rebbe acknowledged them, saying “these are the tanks that will lead us to Geulah (Redemption)”. Thus the Mitzvah Tank Campaign began.

The idea was that when faced with tragic events and trying times, we must respond with the furtherance of Torah and spreading Mitzvos. Staying within the four walls of our homes doing private mitzvos was no longer enough – the Rebbe said we must go out in the streets, stating, “A tank is undeterred by trenches and pits and simply crosses them to reach the other side… This is the purpose of the [Mitzvah] tank if there is a [spiritual] pit or trench, or even a barrier—things that are not associated with holiness—it nevertheless can go and fulfill its mission—to dispel evil and introduce good and G-dliness into the world.”

Now too, when we are faced with our own painful situation, it is up to us to respond in this same manner, by learning more Torah and taking on more Mitzvos.

Project Pledge was created to unite and support Toby’s friends and family as they increase in doing good deeds and encourage others to do the same in Toby’s merit – it’s what Toby would want. Our goal is to triumph over evil and shower the world with an abundance of good so that we may be reunited with Toby with the coming of Moshiach immediately.

Let’s fight the darkness with the only thing that will dispel it. Light.

Please take on a Mitzvah or more Torah learning. Not just for Toby, but for all victims of this summers tragedies. As The Rebbe said, this is a war in Golus, we can either fight it or sit back and be surrounded in its darkness.

Please also keep in mind Orah Meital Bas Beilah, the 15 yr old who was critically injured in that crash.


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