Push Away the Darkness with Light, Not More Darkness.

There have been an awful lot of Bans lately. I got an email asking,”What SHOULD they do?”

I’m not expert and I don’t have the answers. I know that baning everything will not save Klal Yisroel. Banning everything will not bring any Yidden back from however far away they are spiritually. Banning is like cutting off your hand if you have a cut on your finger. It looks like a strong response, but in the long term all you do is become one handed.

So what CAN we do? Well we can start by talking. We can start by admitting there are problems. We can start by treating everyone with more respect. Respect is not just reserved for Gadolim, its something every Jew should have towards every other Jew. It shouldn’t depend on who is learned or how well connected a person is or how frum they act. Each person deserves the respect to be treating at the very least like a normal person.

Instead of banning hiking, educate these guys and provide them with information on how to better take care of themselves. Instead of baning Jewish music concerts, talk to these kids, set up other more kosher activities for them to do. Invite them to groups, clubs, bowling night, I don’t know. Start a dialogue, try to connect with them.

How about encouraging people to take on more hachlatas? Ask people to strengthen all the Halachas and Minhagim we already have before we go and invent new ones.

If we take on that we will try to do more good, be more kind and love our fellow man. Well. That would be a huge start.

Instead of talking down to people and closing them off, smile, open your arms and invite them in. Help them to understand the beauty of the aibesther. Have we learned nothing from 60 years of successful Kiruv in this country?

Let’s start today by keeping 2 people in need of a Refuah in our thoughts.
We can say a kapitol Tehilim and resolve to do one good thing today. One Mitzvah.

Just start with one.

Shlomo Menachem Ben Toba Pessal.
(click for details)

Orah Meital Bas Bellah
(A 15 yr old girl injured in a car accident!)

Yisroel Ben Basya


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