Fried/Shwekey/Razel Concert in Israel Gets "The Ban"

You can read the full story here. My thoughts below the article.

The ads state: “We trembled at hearing about the terrible breach in our camp of ‘music evenings’ and ‘concerts’ in which musicians sing before men and women sitting together, Heaven forefend, and even not together. All Torah leaders have in the past clearly forbidden these events, even when men and women are separate.”

The rabbis say the ban applies to men, women and children and of course the performers. Newspapers are not permitted to advertise these events, according to the ad, and musicians who sing “in front of men and women together” must not be invited to sing at other events.

A source close to one of the above rabbis told Arutz-7 he was unsure of the grounds for the ban. He opined that it could be because of the mixing of the genders outside the event, but added, “This is very puzzling, because why then is there a difference between performers – who are penalized only if they sing before a mixed crowd – and the general public, which is forbidden to attend under all circumstances?” Another source said that it was possibly the rock-and-roll atmosphere prevalent at events of this nature that might be the problem, though this was not mentioned in the ban.

One source said he believes one of the rabbis signed this ban several years ago, and that it was not presented to him again. Others expressed a lack of confidence in the entire system of “signed rabbinic decisions,” in that it is not clear how the situation was presented to the rabbis. There have even been cases of rabbis who said their names were “signed” on various announcements without their permission.

“It is known that Rabbi Moshe Feinstein [the pre-eminent Torah authority in the U.S. in the 20th century – ed.] permitted events of this nature if the proceeds were for charity,” a source close to one of the rabbis said, “as is the case in Thursday’s concert, so I’m not sure how to understand this.”

Producer Moshe Ben-Zimra told the NRG website in response: “Men and women will be totally separated at the event, including separate entrances, and everything is taking place under the supervision of great rabbis. I greatly respect the rabbis who signed the ban, but they were misled by their underlings whose purpose is simply to liquidate Hassidic music in Israel. The rabbis don’t realize that this event is kosher and maintains the laws of modesty. Over 10,000 people have already bought tickets, and they can rely upon the Torah rabbis who support separate and modest events of this nature.”

I got to be honest here, I have no idea whats going on here. This article is all over the place. It says there is a ban. It says that the Rabbi’s may not even know that their names were signed. It says that your not allowed to advertise the event in newspapers. Read that last line again. ARUTZ SHEVA wrote that the ban means you can’t promote the event in A NEWSPAPER. Hmm. What doesn’t make sense there?

It says it may even be an old ban recirculated. It also has a response from the organizers saying MEN AND WOMEN WILL BE SEPARATED. So what on earth is going on here? Is this going to be separate seating or not? Is this a real ban or not? Do “the rabbi’s” have any idea whats going on here? If someone was signing my name on bans without my knowledge I’d be pretty upset.

If this is a real and current ban don’t they realize this is only going to make the event more well known? If every newspaper carries the story then they are getting tons of free advertising? All the posters you hang up about the ban are also going to just help advertise that there is a concert in the first place! When will people learn that you can’t just ban everything you don’t like. I think if Reb Moshe ZTL wrote what he wrote, shouldn’t that be the definitive word?

Aren’t all these bans proof that the frum (hareidi) Jewish school system is a massive failure? If these schools were getting through to these kids then they wouldn’t have to worry about what might go on at such a concert. Am I the only one who sees whats really going on here? This is a complete breakdown and all these bans are just proof that there are massive failures educating people and ensuring that they decide for themselves whats right and whats wrong.

Someone please tell them to leave the strawberries alone!! It’s getting personal now.


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