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Friday Morning Links and Notes

Before we start I just want you to watch this amazing hand shadow commercial. It’s amazing. Alright and now for some links on this quiet and calm Friday morning. Yid with Lid posts an exchange he had with Jeff Halper, … Continue reading

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Moshav Band Videos

Julie sent me some great videos of Moshav Band playing in Jerusalem. Here are two more.

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CBS Bans Questions to Anti-Semitic House Guest As Possible Eviction Draws Near

You remember those Anti-Semitic remarks Amber Siyavus made on this season’s Big Brother? Well this week Amber is one of the two house guests who may possibly be evicted from the house. Traditionally the last half of the contestants to … Continue reading

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Anti Semitic Ohio Cops – So Horrible and Offsenive It's Actually Funny!

Don’t brush this off people. If you have a few minutes you MUST watch this. It’s laughoutloud funny. It’s so insane it will actually make you laugh. They are so ignorant and filled with misinformation it actually becomes comical. Here … Continue reading

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Shout Out to Y-Love

My newest friend and avid reader Y-Love writes more about frum racism. Thanks for the links and all the blog love. Go over and check out his new look. I love it. It looks great!

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New Lipa "Music Video" Hits YouTube

It’s like they don’t even try anymore to make anything out of the video. I’m sorry, but this is not what a music video is supposed to be. Absolutely nothing happens during this video. Nothing. It’s just a video camera … Continue reading

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