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Coming Soon

I wanted to have my Razel review done by this morning. I still have to finish a couple songs. I’ll have the full review later today. I finally got the 8th Day CD. I just listened one time, but so … Continue reading

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Do You Want Moshiach?

Wow I just got done reading Chana’s post about Moshiach. A very honest, strong and well written post on a very interesting topic. I don’t want the Messiah. I know that I should want him. I see other people who … Continue reading

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Last Thoughts on Matisyahu – For Now.

Y-Love on Jewschool wrote about the Matisyahu story. He doesn’t agree with my thoughts, but thats ok. Debate is healthy right? Over Shabbos and the last week I’ve run into mostly only people who agree. I also got a lot … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Links

Wow, I can’t believe another week has come to an end. This summer is really flying by! Before we know it we’ll be having freezing cold weather and latkes and chanukah gelt. I have some music related posts planned for … Continue reading

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I know that header can’t possibly make sense, but I didn’t know what else to call it. You think the AP is being blunt enough with the plethora of images of people rubbing their heads?

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This is Murder!

R’L how can anyone do this? You never leave a child alone in a car, not even for a second!!

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This Matisyahu post has generated a lot of talk. The NY Jewish Week’s Debra Nussbaum Cohen has written an article on the story. I was quoted for my part in the article. Some bloggers even expressed fear that the 28-year-old … Continue reading

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