My Review of Aaron Razel's "Connected to You"

I’ve always liked Aaron Razel. There has just been a calming fun vibe about his music. Although I wasn’t as die hard of a fan until MoChassid’s U’Shmuel Bekorei Shmo CD. The really funny thing is that at first Aaron’s Yom Shabason was one of my least favorite on that album. As time passed by I found that it had become one of my favorites.

When Aaron’s new CD came out I felt I had to get it right away. I’m never tired of this album and every time I hear it I love it more. There is just something about Aaron’s music that is not only good, but gets better which each listen.

The new CD is called Connected to You. It has 13 songs and flows perfectly from start to finish. I’ve written about this before but I think every CD should have at least 13 songs. When a new album comes out and it has 10 songs I get very upset. It feels like a cop out, like they couldn’t get anything more and 10 songs just doesn’t feel like a lot.

The first song on this album is called Ohr Chayim. When you run a marathon you gotta pace yourself. This song is the perfect opener. It’s slow, has great lyrics, and is easy to get into. I think if you are a first time listener to Aaron’s music you can get a feel for what the album will be from this song.

Next is Leolam. Someone will tell me if I’m wrong, but Aaron is originally American right? His accent is very interesting, it doesn’t sound like its his native tongue , but at the same time he doesn’t sound like a lot of Americans living in Israel. It’s very warm. The music is the first thing that picks up in this song. There is a lot of great guitar work in this song. Some of the things you find musically in this album are so subtle, but just right. I think thats what makes it feel so complete. The music all blends perfectly.

Song #3 is awesome. It’s called A New Path. I want to make a comparison here without taking anything away from Aaron and at the same time not compliment the Artist I’m gonna mention. The sound of this song is very similar to Sheryl Crows Santa Monica Blvd. Now with that said, let me just clarify it’s not that the songs are identical, it’s the style and tempo of that song that I feel is similar. Which is a good thing. Of course any references to Shery Crow disappear halfway through the song when he starts going into the “Learning Torah is a guta Zach” section. It’s a really fun song.

Lecho Dodi is easily on of my top three on this album. What a brilliant song. I don’t want to gush but I think this is one of the most haunting and beautiful pieces of music I’ve heard in a long time. The string work on this song is stunning. Unlike some other album where strings are used like this you sometimes feel they were put in, just to have. Here it feels very important to the song. MoChassid wrote about this thats its a very complicated song and therefore not a song that you’d hear in Shul Friday night. I’d have to agree but just add that thats a shame. This is a very deep song, there is just something in it that when you listen to it you tugs at your very soul. (A bit dramatic, but if you only listen to one song on this album try this one and see what I mean)

Shabbat at Last is a very short but equally touching song. The music has a beautiful piano accompaniment and a duet with a young boy. I don’t think it’s his son, because I didn’t see in the credits the boys last name was the same. If anyone knows please leave the details in the comments. It’s a very short song, but really special.

Song #6 is the title track, Connected. This is another amazing slow song. Aaron’s voice and lyrics and music all come together which almost theatrical results. It’s like listening to a brilliant score or a Broadway musical. You can feel the lyrics, the story, the words and the music all come together.

Count the Stars is a much lighter and faster song than the last few. It has a great chorus and the music is a lot of fun. I love how he blends all these different things lyrically into one song. I like when he sings Ufaratzta the most. It’s just a lighter fun song.

The next song is called “The Krembo Song” and it really is a great represanation of Aaron’s music and this entire CD. It’s a very cute song, with very original and fun lyrics. The music is also musical style, and the chorus will get stuck in your head for days and days. You can watch the music video below.

Song #9 is called To Be One and is another beautiful slow song. The song has a great Piano feel to it, with light strings mixed in. It’s on a song like this that you really finally get that Aaron is just a musical genius. These songs are brilliantly written. The music just reaches out and touches you in a way that a lot of heavier more distracting music fails to. It also features some nice duets with his brothers (I think) Yonason and Yehuda. It’s another slam dunk in my opinion and another one of my top 3.

Yom Shabason is a great song. It was on UShmuel Bekorei Shmo. This is what I wrote then.

The next song is a song that was composed, arranged and sung by Aron Razel. I’m writing that because I had to go back and check to be sure. The song sounds very old school. The arrangements feel very much like a lot of the songs from the 70’s and I like it. It’s a nice change of pace from the other songs and Razel’s style moves the CD along nicely.

I feel the same now only I love it ten times more. It still has an old school edge which I like and it just paces great.

Song # 11, Got Nothing but the Now starts off with a excellent flute piece. I like the music on this song, but the rest of it doesn’t really get me as excited as the other songs on this CD.

Ein Oid Milvado plays right back into that musical/theatrical feel. This could be the third at in a play. The music is serious, serene and very strong. It’s a great song, from start to finish.

The last song is titled Where I Played Last Summer. It’s a nice song, not my favorite on the album, but another good solid song. The last 3 songs on this CD aren’t as strong as the first 9, but hey, they are all very good. If these are the weakest ones on an album then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

My final thoughts are pretty simple. BUY THIS CD. It’s so original and fresh. The music is great and Aaron Razel’s creativity is something very unique and special. This CD is a lot of fun and I’ve already heard it more times than I can count.

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