Do You Want Moshiach?

Wow I just got done reading Chana’s post about Moshiach. A very honest, strong and well written post on a very interesting topic.

I don’t want the Messiah.

I know that I should want him. I see other people who glow whenever they mention the Mashiach. They dance and sing and their every action is genuine. I envy them.

I have never wanted the Messiah.

I’ve thought about this before and it reminds me of something a teacher once said to a class I was in.

Did you ever notice how the people who are always screaming for Moshiach the most are usually the ones who are poor, unhappy, struggling and hard lucked? It’s never the happy people or the rick people or the content people.

I have a good job, I have a wonderful family, I have lots of physical things. I think that to want Moshiach you have to understand what it is.

I would recommend to Chana and anyone else who wonders alike, to learn as much as you can about Moshiach. Learn what the Gemara says, learn what Rambam says, learn what the Tzadikim of our generation say.

I myself don’t really understand what Moshiach will mean. But I do know that the world is sick now. It’s spiritually sick. We are living in a world which is lacking in moral, ethical and modest behavior. Everywhere we turn there is sickness, hunger, stealing and pain.

Yes, here in America we are protected and happy. We are living in the greatest country (outside Eretz Yisroel) that has ever existed if you are a Jew today. We don’t face any religious persecution. We are free to live as Yidden. We are free to provide for our families. We live in a land of limitless possibilities.

That may sound like a paradise to some. It is a paradise. But it’s not the one the world was intended for and it’s not a spirutal paradise.

It’s an amazing post, I suggest reading the entire thing and especially the comments.

One last thing, there is a great article on titled “Why Do We Need Moshiach to Come?” that I would suggest reading. There is also a longer, more detailed article titled “Why Are Jews Obsessed With Moshiach” which is also good.

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