1776 – Grab Some Popcorn and Watch the Best Parts!

Voting for the Declaration of Independence.

I don’t know if Thomas Jefferson actually said this line, but I love it.

When Adams is asked why we would need a Declaration of Independence, Jefferson (or the man playing him) stands up and says “To Place Before Mankind the Common Sense of the Subject…” Oh, man, I get goosebumps.

My other favorite line is when NY keeps abstaining … courteously and when asked why does NY always abstain he answers about NY’s inability to send him instructions …

“They speak very loud and very fast and nobody ever listen to anybody else, with the result that nothing ever gets done.”

lol! Ha, not much has changed in 231 years in New York. ”

The Signing of the Declaration of Independence.

This one gives you chills at the very end.


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