The Very Sobering and Real WAR on Terror.

I think Edwards bumper sticker line is exactly why I never want a Democrat in the White House. Especially while this WAR ON TERROR goes on. We are constantly under attack, and at any moment something horrible can happen chalilah. The Democrats say the Republicans engage in a campaign of scare tactics, but I don’t think we’re scared enough. I sure wish the Democrats were more scared.

I have no problem with disagreement on policy in conducting this War on Terror. I have no problem admitting that bad decisions were made and are still to be made. I’m sure there is plenty of blame to go around for everything that’s happened going as far back as the first World Trade Center attack. But I refuse to be force fed that liberal horse manure that the phrase “War on Terror” is made up or some kind of slogan. Maybe if they were more concerned with helping FIX what’s going on Iraq and this War on Terror, and a little less time worried about scandalizing every turkey sandwich the President has for lunch or worrying about Scooter Libby maybe, just maybe the Democrats could be accomplishing something.

But no, when Republicans are in charge and poll numbers are embarrassingly low, then it’s because the Republicans are out of touch with the American people. When it’s the Democrats in power and Congresses poll numbers are at historical lows after 6 months of Democratic leadership, then it’s because the Republicans are holding them back. It’s funny because Bill Clinton was in the White House for 8 years and didn’t manage to capture Osama or destroy Al Queda. When Bush was only in office 9 months that seems long enough to Democrats to place the blame at HIS doorstep. So Apparently 6 months isn’t enough time to fix congress, but 9 months is enough to end the Terrorists plans and do what Bill Clinton couldn’t do in 8 years.

I think after all this time, Bush was right. Democrats love fuzzy math.

The truth is that the Democrats don’t have a clue about anything. They are not capable of leading. They are so used to attacking the Bush White House and Republicans, that’s all the know how to do. They can’t save us, they can’t help us, all they can do is whine. They have no plans to win this very real War on Terror. They can’t even bring themselves to call it by what it is.

(Picture HT The Last Best Place)


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