An Open Call to All Jewish Music Artists, Composers, Producers Etc, Etc …

In the interest of fairness I’d like to put out a call to all Jewish Music types who have been accused of stealing songs to e-mail me. I will give you a chance to tell your side of the story. We’re all about fairness right? So, e-mail me and let’s get some things straight. Yesterday my blog received over 400 individual visitors and over 700 individual page views. This comment thread got 50 comments alone. Since I took my 6 week vacation my numbers dropped considerably. So I know that for those numbers to be back up – closer to what they were before I took my break – people came here directly because of the stealing songs and those videos posts. I know for certain that someone mass e-mailed my video post. I’m thinking it’s more then likely it was an insider.

I know for an absolute fact that many Jewish artists and music industry types read this (and other Jewish Music blogs.) I know because many of them have personally contacted me. Some to thank me for a review. Some to thank me for talking about their album at all and some who were a little upset about what I wrote. All understandable and regardless of the content of the e-mails I’ve always been appreciate of these e-mails. There are a couple industry people who e-mail me just to say hi and that they enjoy the blog. I’ve received behind the scenes info and scoops and again I’ve always appreciated that.

So now I’m putting out the call. If you have been accused of something or know someone who has and want to pass this into to them, please do. E-mail me and explain the story as you see it. I will only post what you tell me I can post based on any conversations we have via e-mail. I’m a very fair person and I’m not just looking to attack. I’ve been blogging for a few years now. I think I’ve said and written just as much positive as I have negative. Some of my reviews have been embarrassingly glowing – and not just the Jewish rock stuff. Go read my Avraham Fried review and then tell me all I do is attack.

I’ve been accused of being unfair by not speaking about every single allegation of song stealing but I can’t possibly take the time to personally investigate every claim. I also don’t have all your phone numbers and e-mail addresses. So since I know many of you music insiders read this blog, e-mail me or tell anyone of your friends that I’m here anytime and willing and ready to talk to you. I’ll be fair and polite.

One final word, just a warning. I know what PR Spin is. This isn’t an open invitation to spin a story. I’ll be fair and open to listening, but I’m not gonna swallow a BS story, you be honest with me and I’ll be very fair and sympathetic in return, just don’t take me for a fool. I may be a lot of things, but mama didn’t raise no fool? Capice? Good. I’m honestly looking forward to someone taking me up on this offer.

Maybe if there was more of an open dialogue with the Jewish music world and the listening public it would benefit everyone in the long run.


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