Thursday Morning Jewish Music Link Drop

Teruah has a list of upcoming non Heimish Jewish Music releases.

Benny Friedman, the up and coming vocally similar nephew of Avraham Fried and son of noted Chabad lecturer R’ Manis Friedman has another clip online at Shlager.

While we’re on Benny, you must check out the first clip on his myspace page.

Gruntig has a rather interesting spliced video of Avraham Fried singing Rifoeinu with himself.

I shoulda posted this a while ago, but forgot. Jacob has a post on a conversation he recently had with Eitan Katz.

Sameach posted the lyrics to the Crembo song from Aaron Razel (review coming soon!)

Here are some non music related links:

Jewish Blogmeister has a J-Blogger Interview with DafNotes.

The Baleboosteh has the 19th Kosher Cooking Carnival.


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