In Some Countries They Chop Your Hand Off For Stealing …

I’m just saying, you know, that some countries take this very seriously. We do believe in Middah Keneged Middah and ya know, just sayin’. I don’t understand why some people think it’s ok to be so loose with copyrights, attribution, proper credit, monetary compensation and at the very least sincere appreciation toward what something comes from.

There is a very important post and comment thread you must read at MoChassid’s. Apparently once again, a singer is under fire for using a song that wasn’t his without proper attribution. I’ve heard both versions of the song and I don’t understand why Williger even choose to reusing it, other then to bank off a very popular tune at wedding in order to have an easy “wedding hit” of his own. If you aren’t going to add anything to the original, and it’s not on a medley, mix or wedding cd, then why even bother?

I guess if you really want to know you could go to his website and navigate through all the pages, blogs, message boards, news sections, song samples, and album history on his website. (What, it’s still not up yet? Oh, Any Day still? Hmmm) on second thought ….


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