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The people have spoken and they asked for a Yeshiva Boys Choir 3 review. I’m about halfway through that review. I think people will enjoy reading it, it’s very interesting. I am currently loving the new Aaron Razel CD and still listening to Eitan’s Carlebach album. There is a new sampler on Sameach’s podcast site of some of the new stuff I’ve been writing about.

Long time reader Dovie sent in a link to some pictures of Shloime Gertner singing at a “mini concert” in Stamford Hill, London. (source OurShiur.com)

(Menacham Kraus, composer of Gertner’s Shmeichel song)

(Shloime Gertner)

You can read my full review of Gertner’s album here. It happens to be a great album. Really.


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